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What is ACP Sheet?

ACP Sheet also stands for Aluminium Composite Panel. It is a type of cladding material that is used for decoring homes, offices, kitchens, and many more places where it is used. 

It is available in the market with a wide range of colours and quality. This is also available in textures like – 3D, stone, wood finish etc. 

It can be bent, folded and turned into any type of shape easily. While another material can’t achieved easily. This is the main reason why ACP is used for home design, etc. 

Layer of Manufacturing material in ACP Sheet

A thin sheet of aluminium, known as an ACP sheet, is created by bonding a thin sheet of aluminium with a PVDF/FEVE coating for aesthetically pleasing surfaces, an extruded LDPE core, a mineral-filled core, or FR-grade thermoplastic core. Durable and stable Kynar 500 PVDF resin is applied to the aluminium as a pretreatment to preserve the panel’s freshness for many years. The panel’s current overall thickness ranges from 3-6mm (0.12-0.24in), with an aluminium facing that falls between 0.2 and 0.8mm.

Common layers in an Aluminium Composite Panel -
Layer of manufacturing material in ACP Sheet

Why use ACP Sheet?

No other material is as flexible as the ACP sheet. You can make new designs that are either too difficult or impossible with other cladding materials. 

According to another material, this modern cladding material offers a number of advantages, both technically and practically. It’s lightweight, making it flexible and easy to handle. So this ACP sheet can be quickly and easily installed. 

It is quick and easy to install due to its lightweight. It also provides a greater range of colours and textures.

FeaturesApplicable to ACP SheetApplicable to HPLApplicable to stone
Chemical resistantYesYesNo
Easy to installYesYesYes
UV ResistantYesNoNo
Easily bent, folded and turnedYesNoYes
Borer, termite and fungi resistantYesNoYes

Variation of ACP Sheet Sizes and Thickness with Application areas

ACP Sheet SizeAluminium Coil ThicknessThickness of LDPE or Mineral CoreAvailable GradeApplications Areas
4mm0.5 mm3.00 mmAL-45Exterior
4mm0.25 mm3.5 mmAL-43Exterior
3mm0.25 mm2.5 mmAL-33Exterier & Interior
3mm0.3 mm2.4 mmAL-33DExterior
3mm0.20 mm2.6 mmAL-32Exterior
3mm0.12 mm2.76 mmAL-312Exterior
6mm0.25 mm5.5 mmAL-63Exterier & Interior

Applications of ACP Sheet

Interior: When we are talking about interior ACP Sheet, a lot of variety is available in the market with modern design. That is used in false ceilings, tables, kitchens, windows, and interior wall panels.

A modern kitchen interior used ACP sheets in white colours

Exterior: Now the day major shops and commercial buildings use ACP sheets for extra durability. This material is a great choice for covering large areas and creating a modern, streamlined appearance because of its lightweight and durable qualities at cheap prices.

Signage and advertising: In the present time, ACP sheets are very popular for Advertisement and Signage. its main reason is weather resistance and durability with sustainability.

Furniture and cabinet: ACP Sheets were replaced with wood furniture, so this is mostly used in the kitchen, under stairs, and in cabinet design in the kitchen.

Transportation: You can see easily around, And now ACP sheet is commonly used in Buses, cards, and metro trains for good finishing.

Here you read the many examples of the ACP Sheets application, I hope you easily understand with images.

Advantages of ACP Sheet

  • Lightweight: Even the ACP Sheet is a lightweight and rigid material.  
  • No crack risk: It resistant to stain-resistant and climate-resistant, so there is no chance to get cracking.
  • Easy to clean: 
  • Easy to perforate
  • UV ray resistance: The material of its, resistant to sun rays and makes it long time.
  • Fire retardant: The big reason for most success of ACP sheets is because it is fire retardant.
  • No weather effect: The ACP sheet is also waterproof. So it resists water.
  • Fully recyclable:  It can be reused after its useful life is over because Aluminum is a durable and environmentally friendly material.
  • Easily bled, fold: It is lightweight and easily foldable.

Disadvantages of ACP Sheet

As my experience in the field, I’m getting various types of disadvantages,

  • Ruin colour: After installation, it must be checked to waterproof properly, otherwise rainwater ruins the colour of the interior.
  • Damage and Deformation: if installation is not tight fitting When there are hurricanes, then they are prone to damage and deformation.
  • Shine fade: ACP sheets have a lower UV resistance, So the colour could fade after a specific time and it may lose its shine.

Age & Warranty of ACP Sheet

The age depends on the material quality but the average age is 15-20 years. 

When we are talking about warranty it covers only manufacturing defects that cause declamation, colour change, or reductions. 


Is Aluminium cladding waterproof?




The cost of ACP Panels depends on the size, thickness, and quality of the panels.

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